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Highlights from the American Visionary Art’s permanent collection are below.

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Giant WhirliGig by Vollis Simpson

AVAM's Giant WhirliGig by Vollis Simpson is Baltimore's most beloved outdoor sculptural landmark.


Recovery by Anonymous

This lone figure was carved from a single apple tree trunk. It was created as a self-portrait by a British mental patient who had a distinctive concave chest from years of tuberculosis.


LeRoy E. Hoffberger Shining Youth/Shining Walls

AVAM's exterior, dazzling mosaic walls were built by youth-at-risk as part of the largest Mosaic apprenticeship program in the nation.


Painted Screens & Rowhome Theater

Painted Screens have been a fixture on Baltimore row houses since 1913.


World's First Family of Robots

World-famous hitchhiker and visionary artist DeVon Smith lovingly created his own 100% recycled family of robots.


Horse Dress by Anonymous

The woman who hand-crocheted this horse dress was a longtime patient of the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, a mental health institution in Baltimore County.